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About Health Steps

Hi, I'm Amanda, founder of Health Steps.

I'm a qualified health coach with a recent accolade as an award-winning health and wellbeing coach, specialising in cancer coaching.


My mission is to assist individuals like you in achieving optimal results in your personal health goals. Additionally, I extend my services to businesses, providing tailored health coaching solutions in both individual and group settings. This encompasses health assessments, workshops, talks, and wellbeing events. Your personal or corporate health and wellbeing are my utmost priorities. I offer valuable tools to enrich your existing toolkits.

The human body is an incredibly sophisticated and resilient system. Backed by science, we know it possesses the inherent ability to heal itself when provided with the right environment and resources. At times, a guiding hand is invaluable, and that's where I come in!

My goal is to propel you or your business towards thriving health and wellbeing, placing it at the forefront of your agenda. With my expertise, I can expedite your journey from point A to B, ensuring a smoother and swifter path than going it alone!

Amanda Robinson award winning health and wellbeing coach



From pioneering tech solutions in the retail and e-commerce sectors since the 1990s, I've leveraged my expertise to deliver successful IT projects. This journey culminated in a multi-million-pound automation project for a leading UK fashion brand in the UK.


However, my own health took a toll, leading to burnout and a quest for answers.  In my mid-40s, I sought help, and through the guidance of a nutrition health coach, I witnessed remarkable transformations. This pivotal experience ignited my mission to empower others, preventing burnout and promoting holistic health.

Determined to leave behind triggers of ill health, I embarked on a new path. I retrained as a certified health coach with the esteemed College of Naturopathic Medicine , equipped to make a tangible difference in lives.

In recognition of my dedication to health and wellbeing, I was honoured with the title of Health and Wellbeing Coach of the Year in the Bolton Health and Wellbeing Awards, as well as another esteemed award. These accolades stand as a testament to my commitment to empowering individuals and businesses towards optimal health and wellbeing."

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