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Customer Feedback

What my clients are saying

Customer feedback is so important, it gives you confidence in selecting the right Health Coach for you but it's good for me too because it means I can keep on using the things that work well, and fine-tune areas that may need investing in so it's win-win. 

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Julie, 43 

Thank you so much Amanda, it was great talking to you and getting your feedback and advice. 

I have made some really positive lifestyle changes based on the sessions we had.  You have a real passion, understanding and empathy for people.  Family members have already commented on how much more relaxed and content I am. 

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Helena, 43

Thank you so much for this Amanda, you have provided me with some really good advice and insights into some alternative eating and drinking options along with a very achievable plan to follow from diet to exercise.  Already looking forward to the next session in a months time.

Martin, 63

If you really want to understand what’s going on with your well-being you need to be afforded the time to discuss in detail your problems in order to come up with a holistic and planned approach and to review the progress you are making in a structured manner with a specialist.

Amanda has helped me with dietary advice to suit my conditions; provided recipes, keep fit recommendations and an introduction to a personal trainer. She has also advised me with coping mechanisms to deal with personal matters following the death of my wife, and these are just a few ways in which Amanda has helped me.

In reality, I feel I’ve become a more focused and balanced person. I have no hesitation in recommending Amanda to help you make the right Health Steps

Lorraine, 67

Amanda made me feel at ease throughout our first consultation, she listened well and most importantly gave me a coaching plan that pushes me to make the changes I need to make to help my diabetes type 2, in a way that feels achievable. I'm really motivated now to make those changes and have already.  Thanks also for your support outside of the sessions, this is really helping me stay on track

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Tina Ribble Valley

Thanks Amanda for a brilliant coaching session today, brimming with new ideas and a real focus on next steps. I love the fact you really listened to me and understood the challenges then we worked on the next steps together. The coaching plan summarises everything and I can’t wait to see the results- feel better already. Thanks for all the follow up information you sent too. Looking forward to our follow up session

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