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Public Speaking

Welcome to a transformative journey in health and wellbeing! As a seasoned health coach, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a passion for inspiring positive change. My public speaking service is designed to empower and educate, delving into various facets of health and wellbeing. With a 5-star Google review from my last speaking engagement, you can trust in an engaging and impactful experience. Let's embark on a journey to enhance lives and foster a holistic approach to wellness together.

Amanda Robinson, Health Coach delivering a talk about women's health and nutrition to a large audience

Embark on a transformative journey towards holistic health with my compelling public speaking service. As a seasoned health coach, I am passionate about unraveling the intricacies of wellness, offering insightful talks that span diverse topics. From empowering discussions on women's health and nutrition to navigating the complexities of cancer in the workplace, my expertise extends to stress management, movement, and the fundamental 5 pillars of holistic health.

In my talks on women's health and nutrition, we explore tailored approaches to wellness, addressing the unique needs of women at different life stages. Uncover strategies for maintaining balance and vitality, and gain practical insights into nurturing a wholesome lifestyle.

Navigating the challenges of cancer in the workplace is a delicate yet crucial conversation. I delve into compassionate and informative discussions, providing support and guidance for individuals and organisations grappling with this sensitive issue.

Stress management & burnout takes center stage as I offer proven techniques to navigate life's pressures. Learn practical tools to enhance resilience, foster a positive mindset, and achieve a sense of equilibrium even in the busiest of times.

Movement is medicine, and I bring this philosophy to life in engaging talks that highlight the profound impact of physical activity on overall health. Discover how incorporating movement into daily life can be a powerful catalyst for positive change.

Finally, explore the 5 pillars of holistic health - a comprehensive approach that encompasses physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. Gain valuable insights into creating a balanced and fulfilling life through these essential pillars.

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