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Burnout and menopause, are they connected?

World Menopause Day is 18th October. I don't normally get involved but last year (2022) I did - I attended a webinar with fellow health coaches from the College of Naturopathic Medicine - and it triggered a whole load of thoughts,

As I listened to the symptoms and experiences brought to the table by fellow health coaches, being 49 myself and presenting with more and more symptoms, and having suffered what I thought was burnout/stress at least twice in my career, I wondered whether menopause and burnout could be the same?

I came away from the session with 3 questions:

Was I really suffering burnout (or stress) or was it peri-menopause?

Are the lines between burnout and menopause blurred?

How would I really know the difference?

The NHS and Mental Health UK suggest there is some overlap, particularly around mental health linked with both menopause and burnout.

Data suggests, many women quit their jobs during the menopause years because of menopausal symptoms and not being supported by their employer. It is also reported that women quit their jobs due to burnout at this stage of their lives (not just women btw but this blog is about women's health).

Either way, how incredibly sad to think that women work hard to build careers, gain years of experience and become experts to then feel compelled to quit because it's overwhelming or they feel inadequate in some way!

Combine all of that with the lack of safe places in the professional working environment in which to discuss highly sensitive matters and you have the perfect storm - menopause and burnout.

Granted, not every woman quits the corporate world at this stage of their lives, many continue to be very successful through to retirement. I do wonder whether, behind the scenes and behind the front of the corporate face, is a very different person, battling with myriad symptoms, and getting little support, becoming scared to display symptoms for fear of showing "weakness". We need to normalise the symptoms and put in place support processes to care for women in business going through this milestone.

Some women are very open and want to chat about how burnout and menopause affect their lives. Meanwhile, others prefer to just get on with it privately, or require privacy and safe places in which to share and explore their inner feelings and thoughts. Whatever you plan from a workplace and employers perspective, you need to consider this and treat it with the sensitivity it needs. Everybody is different.

Health Steps health coaching offer flexible options that will support individuals and businesses with menopause and burnout via health coaching. Our delivery options are flexible. You can pick and mix from one to one, group health coaching, delivering talks, workshops and hosting stalls at wellbeing events and festivals. Below you will find more details on each option. The primary aim is to achieve balance so your people thrive no matter what stage they are at. A business full of people thriving is a business that is winning.

One to one health coaching

We start with a full health assessment to establish where you are as an individual before moving on to figuring out your goals. The health assessment is thorough and many people comment on this alone being a perfect period of reflection on your health. Time you never get with any medical professional regardless of where you are in the world. Next, we work on the action steps - how are you going to achieve your goals? At Health Steps we follow this up with a full report and we have a neat little app for you so to keep all your documents and chats in one place - saves hunting through emails. From there, we provide support and accountability for the duration of the programme. Either way, we've got you covered.

One to one health coaching can be delivered within a business setting or direct to clients.

Group Health Coaching

If you're a business wanting to focus on menopause and burnout, our group health coaching sessions are just for you. They can be tailored to your needs and wants as a business to ensure the right fit for your culture, audience and goals.

Health and Wellbeing Assessments

If you want to gain an understanding of the current state of health and wellbeing within your business, we can help you. We can carry out assessments to establish where your people are at. This will give you the information you need to then work on your health and wellbeing delivery plan and prioritise things that matter the most.

Health and Wellbeing Plans

Don't be the box ticking business, consider the true extent of health and wellbeing within your business and build a suitable plan around it, one that encompasses the scope, delivery methods and timelines, and pins down responsibilities. If you need help with formulating your Health and Wellbeing business plan, we're here!

Talks, workshops and wellbeing events

If you're working on a theme - burnout, stress, menopause for example - and would like to bring in the professionals to deliver a subject specific talk, we can help. If you're hosting an event we can set up a stall on your premises/event location and help make your day more memorable. We also have reputable contacts in other modalities of health and wellbeing should you need access to other services.

Health coaching is an embryonic profession in the UK but as the change in healthcare evolves you will start to see more of it landing in primary care systems and in the workplace. It is the wish of the health coaching profession to see health coaches in every medical centre, hospital, school, university, college, business and home. Get ahead of the game and offer the people at the heart and centre of your business the best possible gift you can - health coaching!


Author: Amanda Robinson dipCNM, ANP, UKHCA. Amanda is a qualified health coach who graduated with a health coach diploma from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. A member of the UK Health Coach Association . She is the founder of Health Steps If you would like to chat with Amanda about how she can help you with your Health and Well-being you can email her at . Head over to our Free Stuff section where you will find free health guides, or the Programmes area where you will find our popular online programmes


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